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Let it snow, Let it snow!

Looking out the window, a few flurries are starting to fall. Today is December 18. How sweet, Christmas is just around the corner. What a better a time to huddle around the fireplace with a special someone, and perhaps watch your favourite holiday movie!

Miracle on 34th Street, a Christmas Story, and even Love Actually are all perennial favourites, but seriously... why are y'all so dense?

There's only ONE title that should be in your DVD player this Christmas, and that's DIE HARD. Think about it? DIE HARD is the greatest Christmas movie ever; and aside from my 10th birthday it's probably the best thing to ever come out of 1988.
Now before you say, that's just wrong. Think about it it this way:

It's like a grown up version of Home Alone. Instead of Macauley Culkin (Have you seen that freak now? He looks like a white Michael Jackson. Oh wait, Michael Jackson is white! See the link...) it's Bruce Willis running performing whacky antics while being chased by a bunch of robbers on Christmas Eve!

Sure there are a few explosions, and sure there's some blood and swearing here and there, but it at least it's realistic. Not like Prancer!*rolls eyes* I ain't ever seen a reindeer fly...

Plus the dialogue is just captivating. Remember the scene where a barefooted Bruce Wills killed random bad guy and then tried to steal his shoes to cover his bleeding feet? "A hundred million terrorists in the world, and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister!"

Can you beat that? EXACTLY. Or what about the scene where "Uncle Karl" from Family Matters (you know the Steve Urkle show) is a cop buying doughnuts and the cashier is giving him a bad look. "They're for my wife. No really, she's pregnant..."

The kid playing the cashier should have won an Oscar for his expression.

That's gold Jerry! GOLD!

Anyway, the point is of this all is that if you're a male, and you don't agree with what I'm saying then there'a high probabilty that you should be selling cosmetics somewhere.

And finally, the next time I'm in LA, I'm going to rent me some office space in Nakatomi Tower. I found out where it is in real life: 2121 Avenue of the Stars - Century City, California! "Konichiwa Britches!"

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At 6:03 PM, Anonymous chin said...

yippie-ki-yay motherfucker!

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Amen brother! I try to watch every year at Christmas...


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