Oh Punk

Looks like XM is the way to go...

Ever since my RSX went smashy, smashy a few weeks ago I've been forced to join the hundreds of millions of regular people who listen to FM radio during their daily commutes.

"Poor reception, lack of variety and commercials -- annoying!" says me. Yes, consider this the return of Shaunie-Two Tier. I'm all about two-tiered society, and that's no different when it comes to radio. Commercial free programming and over 150 channels of selection makes satelite radio the only way to go - and it's only $12.95 US a month (or $12.95 Cdn, if you go with the lame powered by Celine Dion Canadian service).

With boxing day just around the corner, many of you on-the fence purchasers will be forced to decide which service to sign up for: XM Radio or Sirius? I'm no grunt worker, so if you're looking for specs on these providers, check out their respective websites!

What I do know is that XM owns. Why do I say that?

I can drive from Anchorage, Alaska all the way down to Orlando, Florida -- hop on a ferry and sail to Cuba (yes, Cuba si!) and still not lose signal once!

When Madonna's album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, was rolled out early last month, XM put aside two channels and streamed the album continuously. Sick? Yes.

On Thanksgiving - XM sent me a programming notice by email that read: "Spend Thanksgiving day with your family and the Wu-Tang Clan!" That's sooo funny. I guess it was some promo they had going on, but "The old dirty bastard sends his regards, dirty dirty dirty!"

The comedy channels are fully uncensored. Chappelle, Murphy, Prior, even Jamie Fox -- JAMIE FOX son! I love those *****s. It's a joke, relax, you'll live longer...
Anyway, you get the point. If you're not with it, you're missing out. Shell out the $13 - nowadays that's just a pack of cigarettes or half a lap-dance...

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