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Merry Christmas!

Attention ALL nerds, a special cryptic message follows:

System.out.println ("Merry Christmas you f'ing nerds!");
System.out.println ("Stop playing Starcraft at 3am on Christmas Eve!");

For all of us regular people, Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic day and managed to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones.

And just for the record, loved ones do not include the people you are currently stalking. So if your name starts with a D, and you are parked out infront of my house, watching me and stealing my wireless internet... I'm coming out with a baseball bat in about four minutes. Run you freak, run!

Any how. I was flipping through my Christmas cards and one in particular stuck out! Maryann, our CO-OP student at the office, decided to add personalized drawings to all of her cards. Everyone received pictures of snowmen, trees and miscellaneous Christmas things.

What did I get? A picture of the type of women I date -- "Shaun Girls" That's so funny! I think she's got it right on the money though, what do you think?

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