Oh Punk

Oh Pink?

With two months to go until I move into my brand new condo, my once small pile of household item purchases -- not to mention all the gifts I'm going to get later today-- has become a mountain. When it comes to that department, I'm just chilling because I've got the bases covered like Curt Schilling (don't lie, you love my rhymes. I spit them like hot fire... *roll eyes*)

My latest concern though is, how exactly am I going to put it all together to beautifully furnish this place? I've got great taste, but after watching a few of those design shows -- there's no way in hell that I could compete with all the Designer Guy types

So what better a time to get onto one of those "Pimp my Room" type of shows? You know how it goes: Random flamboyant designer -- I don't know of any except for Ty, so let's just say Ty -- comes to your house with some outlandish budget and in a matter of just a few days a once sparse room is converted to something extrordinary.

The only deal is I'll have to be EXTREMELY careful that it's not one of those shows where not only do they bring in a designer, but they bring in your friends as well! What a disaster waiting to happen.

I can only imagine my friends decorating my place -- they would have a field day! All you would hear from their asses is: "Oh Pink! Shaun loves pink, pink and more pink! Lets get some flowers in here too!"

What a nightmare. Stupid friends.

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At 9:53 PM, Anonymous e-Karl said...

"-- I don't know of any except for Ty, so let's just say Ty -- "

so full of BS.. the other day u were raving about those guys on Queer Eye and how u wanted to have them do your house and clothing... j/k

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Haha.. whatever! That's unpossible!


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