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Sold out faster than...

So it's true: I sold out faster than pop on sale for $4.99

It's been a good year since I have updated the ever infamous OhPunk.com; but I've finally made the move -- like everyone else -- to Google's BlogSpot.com

Why? Well - it does everything for you. No more manual coding! No more server issues! No more categorizing images! Forget that. "Those days are over *****!" (D. Chappelle)

But this brings me to a serious issue, is there anything that isn't a Google joint these days? Think about it! Google is the Pharell Williams of the internet!

Google fan boys have their hands on everything these days: Google, Blogger, Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Earth. What's next? I interviewed world famous Google fan boy, Alexis, just last week. His thoughts? "I can't wait for Google Juice, I'll buy that shit! I'll line up and buy it!"

Yes, it's true. Google fanboys will buy anything. Be it Google juice or Google Underwear, consider it sold! Google is gold. Is the NASDAQ killing you? Buy Google.

I'm personally waiting for Google Girls. "I'm feeling lucky" (See link, pure Shaun girls (ie. Girls that I would date): Google Girls)

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At 8:13 AM, Anonymous lillex said...

You didn't sell out ... unless we're talking about you selling the rights for "punked" to Ashton Kutcher.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Hey... it's only speculation that I sold out to MTV for some $$$... and the new BMW / house and other stuff is just coincidence..


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