Oh Punk

Ahh Maturity...

Remember when you lent money to a friend, spotted them for an event, or bought something for them, there was a time they'd pay you back with cold hard cash?

"Hey guy, can I have a dollar to buy fries from the caf?" The next day (or a few days later, depending on how ghetto your friends were) you'd have your dollar back. Simple. Just don't call me Shylock.

Well those days are over! My friends now tend to write cheques -- "Hey look at me, I have a bank account..."

The other day I had bought a MP3 player for a friend. He picked up the MP3 player and rather than forking over the cash, he simply cut a cheque -- EXCEPT -- the memo field contained the following words: "GAY PORN"

Such punkage. If you're one to cash your cheques in at the teller, how do you explain that? You can't! I sadly have no shame and pointed it out to the girl. She of course laughed and said "Oh my God! Can I show my friends?" -- and of course proceeded to show all the other tellers. She had never seen anything like that. Every time I stroll in to the bank they're probably all like "Hey look, here comes that fucking weirdo with the cheques..."

But sadly, that's wasn't the first ODD memo on a cheque that I've encountered. Other recent notable memo's that I've received on my cheques from friends have been:

"Payment for making my Dungeons and Dragons costume"

"Payment for Anal Butt Beads"

And of course my personal favourite:
"Over payment refund for adult circumcision"

Yes, my friends are mature.

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