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Bon Jovi Plane Skids off Runway in Canada

So I picked this story up from the Associated Press (britches):

An airliner carrying members of Bon Jovi skidded off a runway early Saturday after landing in severe weather. The Boeing 707 carrying the band and its touring staff overshot the runway at Hamilton International Airport. A spokeswoman said the 14 passengers and flight crew were arriving from Buffalo, N.Y., where the band played Friday. No one was hurt.

Does anyone see anything wrong here?

The distance between Buffalo's airport and the one in Hamilton is only about 70 miles -- about an hour drive at most, while doing the speed limit.

Bon Jovi you 80's crossdresser, just stop it!

Why the hell would anyone fly 70 miles? Who would be stupid enough to spend all that time boarding a plane, waiting to take off, flying, landing, deplaning, having to wait for your luggage to be unloaded, then boarding a bus and traveling 40 minutes by road to Toronto?

It just doesn't make any sense. That whole process takes more than it would to just bus it the whole way. You suck Jon Bon...

... and so did U-571. Can you suddenly feel a collective of cougars getting all violent in their leopard print leggings, teased hair and over-done lip stick? Laugh.

On that note, that Old Triumph the Insult Dog at the Bon Jovi Show video always makes me laugh. "Hey, look at me I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot too. I'm sooo stupid" -- classic!

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