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Christmas Speed

As predicted, this Christmas saw me receive an extrordinairy amount of items for my new condo.

I'm not one for presents, but thanks to all for your nice gifts. I already have a place for each and every one of them!

But what was my favourite gift this Christmas? RACE CAR CLASSES. Yes, racing on a real race track in a real race car. Thanks to a little special someone for making that happen *grin*

I was shocked and excited! Still am, but not sure if I should be excited over the classes, or the sub-present: a copy of Need for Speed Most Wanted (NFSMW).

NFSMW puts you behind the wheel of an exotic GT car while a hoard of police chase you down for a multitude of traffic infractions ranging from ramming a police car to blowing up a gas station. Imagine that?

I've only attempted (and succeeded) to outrun a stationary cop once -- and that was because I knew I could get away. But a full out pursuit? That's every guy's dream!

And for you graphics whores -- like myself -- NFSMW is unbelievably life-like (assuming you're playing on a PC with a high-end video card). If you're a broke ass bitch, stick to Playstation -- it's just a fun minus the realism!

Anyway, there goes my social life.

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