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Fight Night & Styling Gel

Fight Night in Las Vegas on a Saturday Night: Is there any where more exciting to be (aside from a cocktail party at Jenna Jameson's house)?

I'm sure one Tupac Shakur would beg to differ, however for Manny Pacquiao it was the day that he finally avenged his March 19th, 2005 loss to Erik Morales.

On Saturday, Morales suffered the beating of a lifetime, and when he was finally knocked out in the 10th round, the lifeless expression on his mangled face said it all: OWNED!

The atmosphere at the downtown sports bar that a few of my friends and I gathered to watch it was just intense! Cheers! Jeers. Celebration...

Secretly, I think we were more excited to see him speak in his heavy accent and broken English during the post fight interview more than anything else.

"I know ebryone in the Pillipines is bery happy!" -- WICKED! -- I got my $10 cover's worth from that one sentence alone.

Of course Pacquiao started mumbling complete jibberish including some random craziness: "With great power, there's need for great responsibility."

What the fuck? This ain't StarWars Mothafucka, what are you talking about?

I know he didn't speak English at all during his loss one year ago - so it's clear he's new at it. Wouldn't it be just so funny if his American trainers kept telling him "Hey Manny if you ever win, you should say this in your interview..." Laugh!

Reminds me of a time in highschool when we had a new student in one of our classes. His name was Bryan. Anyhow, Bryan was fresh off the boat from the Phillipines of all places. And although he spoke English, he wasn't down with all the colloquialisms.

Now I wasn't in the class so the exact details are sketchy, but the story has it that Bryan asked one of my friends, Rob, where he could get some good hair product. All the other kids in the class styled their hair with gel, and I guess he was interested in doing it too.

Of course Bryan didn't know what gel was called in English, so a friend of ours Rob, tells him "It's called cum." *LAUGH x 10* "You put cum in your hair, it's called cum. It's sticky. It makes your hair stick."

And of course, Rob continues to add "I don't know where to get it but, I'm pretty sure our teacher knows... ask her..."

So... yes.. poor Bryan goes up and asks the teacher "Do you know where I can get some sticky cum for my hair?"

Ahhh Rob, your antics are still legandary!

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At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Bill Baker said...

I'm always down for making fun of immigrants. That's why I just voted Conservative earlier this evening.

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Lil Lex said...

that website to the philipino jokes is fucking gold! fuck-ing-gold!

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

The filipino jokes? Ohhh man. Print it out. The main site was dead, had to rip that from Google's cache son.

AS for voting for Conservatives.. yeah, you do realize you're making AI cry right? He's out there canvassing for the Liberals right now...


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