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Happy New Year / Frog Genitalia?

Happy New Year bitches! My New Year's resolution for 2006 is to personally SLAP anyone who says "I'm Rick James bitch."

I was at a restaurant the other day and over heard some university kids speaking among one another. Their leader said "Have you ever seen that show where the guy says I'm Rick James bitch?" I swear. If I wasn't in the company of women, I would have stabbed him with a fork or something. And don't be shocked! He deserved it -- that skit is more played out than "Yeah!" by Usher featuring Ludacris and Lil'Jon.

You don't see me walking around telling people "Gimme Five" and then when they're about to, pulling my hand back really quick and running it through my hair saying "Psych!" The Rick James thing is THAT old.

For those of you g'wai lo's who STILL have yet to see this piece of comedic gold, click here. But just remember, if I hear you utter the words "I'm Rick James bitch" I'll slap the ish out of you. I mean it!

Secondly, I was extremely creeped out while watching tv yesterday. Much Music was streaming videos throughout the day. At some point, that dance mix to Axel F (the Beverly Hills Cop Theme song) by Crazy Frog aired!

Now I've heard this song countless times. In fact I was at the infamous Havanna Club in Varedero, Cuba just a few months ago and when the DJ dropped this track, all the Euros started were jumping up down and going crazy. Even the hot blonde italian in the pink top said "ciò è fuori del gancio" -- translation? "This is off the hook!"

Us North Americans were the only people standing still on the dance floor saying "WTF is this? Really?"

And that was exact reaction when I saw the video. The video is about a some-what naked, "bad ass" computer animated frog riding an invisble motorcycle!

Now am I the only person that noticed this Frog has a penis that shows and hangs throughout the video?

No really... take a look at this video.

It's disturbing, especially since it seems to be an anthem on children's tv shows (and apparently European nightclubs -- it was the hottest selling single in Europe for 2005, *shakes head*)

Speaking of Italians, here's Russell Peters on Italitans. This is video is great! And if you've got time, you can watch him in entirety here - I swear, I just stumbled upon this again today and have been on the floor laughing. Watch it!

If you haven't seen this, certainly worth the time -- but he's even better in real life. Check out his site for show times: www.russellpeters.com/

Ohhh man....

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