Oh Punk

It's a Text Message Christmas...

Text messaging, as seen in this banned Spiderman Trailer, was once considered so futuristic -- at least to us lackies in North America.

It's funny how text messaging has blown up in just a couple years! Texting has become so mainstream that this Christmas instead of the usual "Hey, Merry Christmas! How's it going?" calls that I usually receive, I was swamped with "Merry Christmas!" text messages! Can you believe that ish?

Simply type your greeting, select all in directory, and press send... It's as easy as 1-2-3. Ugh! On a brighter note the most creative of the lot was this one: "Merry Christmas fag! Are you happy now?"

Laugh... on that note, the Urban Dictionary defines a "Christmas Fag" as follows:

A person who looks in the closet for their christmas gifts.

I hid the present in the attic knowing that Timmy would be a christmas fag.


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