Oh Punk


There are somethings that I just love doing. For instance pretending I don't know people when I run into losers from my past in a place such as the mall.

They give you that head nod as if they recognize you, but of course I look back with a "Who the hell are you?" look. Hillarious!

Why do I need to stop and pretend to be all interested in their unemployed life story? PS. I love your 1994 Oakland Raiders jacket that you still have. Yes, I am such an ass.

You know what's even more fun? Saying things to random people when things happen to them. Case in point yesterday...

I noticed someone who was obviously trying too hard to be cool had walked into a glass door and dropped his cell phone. I uttered the words "owned" as I walked by! He just glared at me with no real response. It was clearly evident that his ass did not know I had just punked him. (Plus he really couldn't do anything, he looked like he weighed 130lbs)

What a waste of a sly comment though. So I thought today would be a great time to better educated y'all on some of the newer punkage terms and what better a place to start than with the term "owned":

Owned is an internet slang word used commonly in gaming circles to acknowledge a form of superiority through the downfall of another group. It signifies defeat and humiliation, often through the dominance of another party.

Armed with this knowledge you can now truly appreciate the many "Owned" pictures floating around the interenet. Some of them are just great, as in the picture posted above.

I'm always on the floor when I see the faces of those kids laughing at the one kid who's freaking out to get his shot. Take a look at the next kid in line's face -- "Oh no, that looks like it hurts!"

However, as good as that picture may be, by far my favourite of all time is this one here.

Wicked!!! Who said I didn't ever teach y'all anything?

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