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Simon says...

I'm not one to waste away my life watching the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Rubben Studderd on shows like American Idol -- but I must say, I am a very big Simon Cowell fan.

Think about it. The man spits venom!

If you're good, he'll give you the "props" that you deserve. On the other hand if you sing like a cat dropped in boiling water, it's pretty much "Get the f*ck out!"

Anyhow, the man dropped the greatest insults of all the other night.

Picture this: A very enthused, well dressed, 23 year old man by the name of Charles comes in front of Paula, Randy and Simon. He sings his heart out. You can see his emotion on his sleeve.

Simon randomly says: "It doesn't get any worse than that Charles."

Charles glares back at Simon in complete shock!

Simon continues: "You know what my advice to you would be? Honestly, shave off your beard and wear a dress because you would be a great female impersonator!"

That is soooo outrageously funny -- I appreciate that.

Here's a clip of him when he did the UK version of the Show.

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At 4:47 PM, Anonymous DeathMachine said...

Are you aware that those contestants all go through 4 rounds of interviews to get to that stage? So the show already knows how horrible they are.. yet is putting them up and crushing their hopes and dreams for the entertainment of others.. yes, Simon et al. are heroes.

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous DD O'Malley said...

Hey Punk, we Irish guys gotta stick together huh? I'm not a big fan of idol because the ads always come on during the football games and drive me nuts. Thanks for the feedback and keep up the good work on your site. I find it very entertaining. I didn't know punks could write so well. Where I went to school they usually just trashed things and talked about how much they hated everything that everyone else liked.

I keep losing site subscribers. My articles, I think they offend alot of people. I'm just a right wing dude living in a left wing world man. People can't handle the truth anymore man, everyone has a answer for everything.

Keep it real dude,
-DD O'Malley

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

DeathMachine -- yeah, IDOL does an EXCELLENT job of getting those "all star" acts on the show - and Simon does a better job of shooting them down. I mean if they really think they're that great, that's terrible, so in essence he's doing a good thing. A service to society if that.

Dan, yeah your site is pretty good too. I think to get blog-famous you just have to keep writing and of course on a daily basis. Eventually it blows up right? And I don't think your articles are that offensive at all! As a side note though two funny things:

1) I'm not Irish... lol...

2) I'm not a punk.. once the Punkology section is online, you'll see what "ohpunk" is really all about!

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Deathmachine said...

Yeah, I still think you should go on AI with your masculin orange popsicle shirt and sing that rendition you do so well of "I adore" by Color me bad. You'd p@wn.

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

"I adore........... me amore........

Last night........ when you and..."

I don't know the rest of the lyrics - but I could hum it... damn Color me Bad!


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