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Break and Enter..

Breaking and entering has always been a hobby of my friends and I.

From a young age, we always managed to infiltrate the neatest of places. We started small, breaking into municipal facilities and schools. Never vandalizing or stealing (well a couple exams, but that's another story...), but always revelling in our then incredible accomplishment.

As we grew older we took our talents to bigger and better things. Breaking into mega-project construction sites, downtown corporate towers, Indycar pitrows while the cars zoomed by at 150+mph, conerts, sporting events, you name it... we did it..

It's become an art -- in fact there's almost no where that I can't talk my way into.

So on Thursday when I called the developer of my new condo to see if I could get in and take a few measurements, I wasn't saddened by their cold rejection: "We can't let you in. You can only take measurements when you do your inspection on February 22nd" -- bitch, that's 2 weeks away, think I have time for that?

Guess it was time for another break in.

So this morning, I walked right into the lobby of my semi-tenanted, semi-under construction condo tower. I was dressed in nice business attire, with a long black coat. In my hand I carried a white plastic helmet (with the City's logo on it).

"Yeah, I'm here from City Hall. I work in the Building and Planning department. We're missing some measurements for a few units. Can't assess taxes without them. I need to get into a couple and take some measurements. The developer wants to register the building, but I'm not letting it happen without those last pieces..."

Laugh. Stupid construction people. They didn't even ask me for ID, although I had my old city employee card. They gave me free roam of the whole project. Sure beats climbing a fence and scaling our way into the building to explore like we did this past summer.

I really need to stop doing these things... I'm 27 years old now.. damn..

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