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Canada blah!

If you've been watching the 2006 Winter Olympics you may have already noticed Canada's lackluster performances in everything but hockey -- no surprise there but at least we have 2 medals so far, not like back in 2002 when Mongolia was owning us at one point. Mongolia son!

To make matters worse not only does our squad suck -- but -- we also look like a bunch of Salvation army kids. Really! The team gear isn't officially outfitted by Roots as it always has, but rather by the Hudson's Bay Company -- and boy oh boy is some of their stuff ugly.

Now the Bay is scheduled to make Canada's gear up until 2012, so I figured enough was enough and sent a letter to George Heller, their President and CEO today (note Mossimo refers to some now-ultra crappy 80's designer who supplies clothes to their Walmart equivalent retail subsidary, Zellers)

From me:
Attention George Heller.
Hi George how's it going? I am a very loyal HBC customer. One quick comment... we've really gotta get someone other than Mossimo designing these Olympic outfits. They're awful. Really. No offense, but they've need to go. Let's get something stylish and nice for the next time around.
Thanks! Shaun

From HBC Customer Service:
Hi Shaun,
Thank you for your feedback.
We will definitely consider not having Mossimo design the next uniforms.
Thank you
Bay Customer Service

From me:
Thank you very much! And you tell Georige
to holla at your boy!
Have a great day..

It's nice to see that some customer service people have a sense of humour. Anyhow, here's hoping that letter goes to George!

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