Oh Punk

Do you see what I see?

Is there anything scarier than hurdling towards and intersection and seeing a blind man standing at the corner trying to cross?

The light is red for him and I have right of way! Ugh, of course he doesn't know that! If he crosses, he's toast. If I slow down, well.. I'll be later than late (being I was already late, that's not good).

Should I brake or should I go? Should I brake or should I go? If I brake there might be trouble... should I stay or should I go?

Hmmm... I could make a song out of this... Anyway, just wait till this happens to you. It's scary ass shit. Grade A horror show stuff!

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At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Dan O'Malley said...

I just put up an article on Valentine's Day that you and your readers may find interesting.

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Ahhh spam.. lol.. I'm going out (it's FRiday night..).. but I'll check it when I get back for sure!


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