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Happy Valentines day...(re-editted)

It's February 14th, and I'm single! Yessss!

Most single people would be depressed and disgruntled -- but nooooo, not me!

For the first Valentine's Day in over five years I don't have to do anything that I don't want to. And that's just great. Sure when you're single you're stuck sending out 5 or 6 Valentine's cards instead of the usual one to your girlfriend... but that's the way it goes! Diversify your portfolio, you ain't want no Nortel...

But thank God: No more $300 dinners. No waiting in lines. No "you better be here and fully dressed by this time". No blah blah. Ahhh freedom, it's great. Well I shouldn't get too excited because I do have plans for tonight *sigh*

It's also a great time to laugh at all the girls who's guys didn't get them anything, or do anything special for them. Sucks that y'all picked losers eh? Yeah. So if you know girls like that who come to you for "Oh hey it's Valentine's Day, my BF isn't doing anything for me" -- you better as hell drop the "Bitch, don't talk to me..." line. Don't waste your time!

Now for those of you singles who don't have any plans for today, whatever you do -- stay away from online dating sites such as Lavalife.

That's all I can say. If you're smart you'll take note. Why you may ask?

This is why: Many women of the women on there will send you "hello notes" through those sites. For the most part, many will *not* have pictures on their dating profiles, but instead will have fabulous stories of their life. Some of these will have profile pictures that are just beautiful.

The sad reality is when you actually spend the $1.50 to meet some of these scammers (or see them on cam), they're really not the people they say they are. They're false advertising biatches. Their profiles are lies. Their lives are as entertaining as pizza boxes (the regular ones, not the ones that keep pizza warm for several hours). The gorgeous picture you saw in their profile was from 1997 and/or ripped from someone else' s personal website. They don't work, or are in school or have this, that and the other lame ass job. Waste of time!

I've also found more often than not you'll be having this exact phone conversation: " I'm sorry, you're what size? Size 18? My God. Your profile said you were 'fit' -- you must have mistaken the 'i' for an 'a'. An honest mistake eh?. I'm sure if happens all the time. Yeah, I gotta go. Lou Dobbs is talking about the NASDAQ on CNN."

So unless they look like the girl in the pic above (she's called for, sorry y'alls), don't reply. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

Yeah......................... so when's my seat in hell ready for me?

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