Oh Punk

How's that feel?

I spent a good portion of my past Sunday hopping from store to store, in search of the perfect mattress. A good bed is important, being that you not only sleep on it, but you spend a great deal of time entertaining on it.

Sales pigs of all shapes and sizes filled my head with all sorts of bed technology. So much so, that I am now officially an expert in memory foam, pocket coil and plain-ass spring mattresses.

But my biggest pet peeve was this: Is there anything more annoying than test driving a mattress in public?

Think about it. You're lying on this bed, under bright lights, curling up into a ball while some guy named Mario in a cheap suit keeps saying "Eh, how's that feel?"

How's it feel? "I'm on a bed and my shoes are on motha-fucka! This ain't Full House bitch..."

It's just a very ackward experience. They really should have those hospital privacy screens so you can sleep in peace! Especially when you're trying to gauge how well the bed would perform in "other" situations...

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