Oh Punk

Formula Fracture

Indoor go-karting is the most fun you can have on four wheels while being indoors aside from being pushed on a wheel chair through a busy airport just to jump infront of the boarding gate line.

On Thursday, a few friends from work and I hit up Formula Kartways or an evening of burning rubber, kart crashing and nauseating motor fumes! Fun, fun, fun! What an adrenaline rush -- and it certainly beats racing through the streets and scoring tickings for going very very fast -- my court date = August 8th.

I can't wait to do it again (... the go-kart part, not the part about getting a court date for speeding).

And in typical Shaun-fashion I managed to have a need to seek medical attention. I know, I know -- How do you get hurt while going go-karting?

When it as time to leave, RSXXXY and I got stuck at a red light that seemed to drag on forever. The light refused to change. The light continued to stay red. Cars wizzed right by. Red-red-red! Would I be stuck here all night?

I popped open the door of my car, and ran toward the crosswalk to hit "cross the street" button. Just as I was about to the cross-traffic lights changed from green to amber, ack!

I sprinted back to my car, only to slip, and baseball slide right into my Acura. My foot painfully slammed right into the frame of the car. I instantly hopped up, jumped behind the wheel and drove through the green light (while those behind me laughed!)

Damn you Kenneth Cole, I'm suing your ass -- your shoes have no grip!


Anyhow, I spent most of the day hobbling around. I was nicknamed "hop-about" AND I had to go get an X-Ray. Can you believe that shit?

Bananas son!

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At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

Actually, that was "Hopalong" rather than "Hopalot"


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