Oh Punk

Caution: Elevators may cause light headedness

Last week, I posted about how I found a new Thursday night hot spot. Scratch that! The newest hot-spot to be surrounded by gorgeous woman isn't any club -- it's right here -- in my elevator around 6:15pm!

I swear to God. Hop out of the car in the garage, there's one. Hop out of the elevator at the ground floor to check the mail. Walk back to the elevator - 5 more waiting for the elevator, two walking in. Elevator opens, two walk out. Elevator stops on the pool deck, a few more in bikinis walk in.

What the hell? And why does this *always* happen when I'm all messy, unshaved and dressed like a scrub while carrying a tattered plastic bag full of papers from work. Grrrr...

Looks like the party is in the elevator tonight!

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