Oh Punk

Excuse me, what does OWNED mean?

I always see this truck parked in a near-by shopping plaza, and for some odd reason, I always laugh hysterically.

What's wrong with me?

I guess I can just picture the 15 year old punks laughing their heads off as they tagged it! "Yo, that's wicked guy, this truck got owned!" -- while the paranoid memeber of the group (yes, that's usually me) would be whispering "Yo shut up you fags! People are gonna hear us!"

That's just funny. Of course if it was my property, I'd track them down with a sniffer dog and Shinobi their asses with some of these fine products.

"Al I said, you don't have to keep doing your Cutco sales speigl, my parents said they would buy some of your knives!" Al proceeds to pull out the scissors and then shows that the scissors he's selling can cut through a penny! My parents are wowed! I roll my eyes. Good job Al, you call me a sales pig!? You hustled my parents into buying your space age knives! ... and that my friends is a fine example of getting owned: My parents got owned!

Can I get an encore, do you want more...

Above: OWNED! To my friend: Anth... I ate all your precious Jolly Ranchers that you forgot in my car. What can I say, I was stuck in traffic. I will be rocking this candy from now on. It's delicious!

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