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Farewell to the Gym - Part II

When I wrote the post, Farewell to the Gym, about the cancellation of gym membership and the whacky people that I would miss, I knew that I would have forgotten a few important points. Sure enough, Chin -- my beloved ex-gym buddy -- managed to state everything I missed in his comments on the post. If you haven't read his comments as yet, here they are:

1) That's really gay of you to say you'll miss me... even though i'll miss you too *sheds tear*

2) But what I won't miss is you wasting my time sitting on the bench while you talk to random character. Fuck shaun, move your ass, can't you see I need to work my glutes? *smacks ass and admires in mirror*

3) You missed the following people I'm sure you'll miss:
- Richard Moll from Night court and his two rocker sons
- That half egyptian pyt (pretty young thang) *snap* *snap* *snap*
- Gay gym worker who provides useful yet unsolicited information. The one who you affectingly call "fag" laugh!
- The other pyt who works there. The one w/the mildly hair arms. Yeah, you know the one...

4) Also, I'm going to be sick of telling people you're no longer going to the gym. The following people have asked "Where my friend" is: the nice Jamaican lady who used to also work at Cityhall, the Brown guy who works there on Saturday, the Gay Filipino guy who works the desk, Nicole* who also works there.

*Nicole btw has earned a gloss in our dictionary:

"NicoleSyndrome (or NS)" is when a pyt looks pretty one month, then let's it go the next.

"Yo, Suzie used to look good. What happened?"

"NS, man. NicoleSyndrome"

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At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Theo Davids said...

I'm looking for a Young, Muscular, Masculine, Good Looking, Workout Buddy to hit the gym with me starting immediately. If you think you've got what it takes, email your pics ASAP. Let's get started NOW, summer is just around the corner and I know you and I are both eager to get bigger fast!

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Marco Payne said...

I am looking for a group of men who are angry with men and want to take their frustrations out on me with physical abuse. Of course for me this would be a pleasureable experience which in turn should or would make these selective few or many even angrier with me and having said that would be enough provocation to be beaten even hard. What I am asking is for attractive men who have been emotionally torn in some way or other by other men and who are frustrated and would like to get back at them but don't know what to do. I am sure you all are able to get over a hardship without violence and I am not asking for a sever beating but just to be kneeled or kicked below the belt by each man until they are satisfied they have taken out all their anger. I will also accept biting and hand clenching below the belt as well. I am sure there will be plenty of replies to this posting. I am no a psycho or a weirdo but I can't seem to find any better way to put it. My fetish is to have several attractive men attack me below the belt. I do understand the consequences to what I am asking for and the simple fact is I haven't found any other way to have this fetish of mine fulfilled.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous e-karl said...

Shaun man.. you attract all kinds brother. damn.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Darn flamers! They love this place! Hilarious!


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