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The geek, nerd, programmer word haxored is defined as follows:
To be hacked, not necessarily by computer. Also represented in L33T Speak, as "h4xor3d"

Being that it has been over ten years since my EViLHaCkER days, I've lost touch with the lingo in the whole "Hi, we're hackers" world. So it's needless to say when I heard the first line out of this video I just *had* to look up the official definition!

Awww man! That video is just hilarious -- "Hey, aren't you Buzz Light year?" The whole series is funny but my favourites are:

Above: Housefire - "Pork Chop Sandwhiches"

Above: Fire Alarm - "You know kid..."

Above: Thin Ice

Above: Reggae

[= This post has been 100% EViLHaCkEd =]

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