Oh Punk

My darn bed!

My bed is messing with my life -- it's cutting into my social life.

Never spend good money on a bed. It's insanity. I'm serious. Good beds are truly worse than any Egyptian Pyramid curse. Especially mine!

See, I purchased this pocket-coil matress just over a month ago. You know the ones where you could drop a bowling ball beside you and not feel it? What a mistake! Mistake I tell you.

Everytime I jump onto this matress it's insta-sleep. Out. Cold. Dead. And when I say instant, I mean even Uncle Ben couldn't compete in this league! The other day, I decided I'd take a 10 minute nap at in the late afternoon. 14 hours later, I wake up -- only to realize -- damn, it's already "tomorrow!"

What the hell? I could understand if I had slept for a couple hours, even six -- but eight?

This has already ruined a few weekend nights. "Yo Shaun, are you sleeping? It's like 9pm man? You coming out?" -- grogily: "Nah, man, you guys go ahead....."

And heaven forbid hot women touch this bed. Forget about any fun!

Hot girl: "Ohh let's go lie on your bed"

Me: "Nah girl... I heard the floor is in these days.. gleaming hard wood? eh? eh?"

Damn you bed! Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 10:55 AM, Anonymous e-Karl said...

man.. I hear that.. my bed is the same way... damn you mattress companies!!!


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