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Road Trips!

While organizing some files on my laptop at the office, I stumbled upon this picture -- acting the fool in downtown Philadelphia. It had been my wallpaper, for months -- and always found it broke the ice when doing presentations with clients.

But what really struck me was that none of my groups of friends go on random road trips anymore. None!

When was the last time I jumped in the car and just drove with no plans -- just a destination? Philly? Sure. Quebec City? I missed that one.

But that was 1.5 years ago. I can't even count the times I've jumped on a plane and gone to Miami, Las Vegas, New York, San Fransisco on weekend trips -- but -- a road trip? Hasn't happened in a long-long time!

Ahh the memories:

Barefoot 100 meter races in our underwear down the ultra long halls of Foxwoods Casino & Resort -- ahh the "Wonder of it All" -- Foxwoods, Connecticut

Getting detained by US customs -- "You're just a customs agent, you should have studied harder in school" (Note: When customs people ask you where you're going at 9pm, don't be telling them "to the Olive Garden" -- laugh!) -- US Border, Niagara Falls, New York

"Hey, is that? Is that? Is that Downtown Julie Brown" -- in a convenience store (it really WAS Downtown Julie Brown.. wicked! Don't lie, y'all thought she was hot when you were kids too.. I said, don't lie!) -- Washington, DC

Almost wearing a Yankees jersey through a crowd of Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway Park but then getting scared by the thousands of rowdy BoSox fan in BoSox gear. And running into Roger Clemens's police motor-bike escorted motorcade as he reached his destination: "Yo Roger! Roger Clemens! Roger!" The bastard didn't look back! -- Boston, MA

"Hey Shaun, you should pose with those girls in the Brown University sweaters, it'd be funny (since I'm beige/brown)" -- Providence, Rhode Island

"... and don't talk on your cell phone. This is a bus, a tin can. There a people trying to sleep. Don't be ignorant. So if you answer your phone, there better be someone in hospital. That's it." -- New Jersey Grey Hound driver explaining the rules of *HIS* bus

"Sir you can't drive up this way because we've closed this road off so any potential dangers such as car bombers cannot pull up in front of the Parlimentry buildings. You'll have to go around the other way." Me: "But the other driveway leads to the same point. Couldn't they just bomb you from there?" -- at the Parlimentary Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario

"Woah, it's my birthday too! Why don't you make out?" -- me: to random French whores at a nightclub in Montreal (and yes, they did make out, awesome! See picture below. I've got better ones, but they're certainly not blog friendly -- c'est dommage!)

See? How could road trips NOT be fun? I actually looked up some of the Philly Roady pics with Team ID, and here are some random pics. Damn, I need to go on another road-trip, NOW! Who wants to go home, and who wants to go with me! (Yeah!!!!)

Above: Me (left), trying to figure out how to iron my pants with Chin the Ironer -- yes, that was day time, right downtown at the base of a skyscraper.

Above: Me (left) getting punched in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (you know, where Rocky ran up the stairs?)

Above: WTF? Is this the Charlie's Angels pose? Gay!

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