Oh Punk

Smile you're on Camera

Apparently many people mysteriously vanished after the London premier of Mission Impossible 3. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this premier pic of Tom Crizzle holding a monstrousity of a camera.

First of all, we all know that's not a camera. Look at that thing! (See left) It's really a Scientologist teleportation ray. You're probably feedin' your victims to your alien baby. Don't lie. I know.

I honestly would like to challenge him in a match of celebrity boxing. I'd mess him up! Although, if I lost to Tom Cruise -- oh, the shame!

And, on a camera tip, while cruising back to work from lunch in my friend Peter's BMW, we grabbed a glimpse of two teenage girls. One was leaning against the wall of an ADULT XXX Video Store -- complete with wall-to-wall signage -- hiking up her skirt way up. The other was taking a picture. Miss-Posing-like-a-whore caught us looking as we slowed for a red light. She FREAKED out! Jumping around / covering her face. It was hilarious.

I ain't never seen a black girl turn sooooooo red. It was awesome!

She was so embarassed. We just killed ourselves laughing.

Stupid girls, it's frigging day time! It's a somewhat busy road -- what did you expect? You're lucky I didn't have my camera otherwise you'd be starring in this post! Laugh.

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