Oh Punk

Viva Las Vegas!

On a side note I'm "ALL IN" for Marvin's stag party in Las Vegas this summer! Yes! It has been booked britches. You know what this means right? The return of my paper-bag mask.

And with the paper-bag mask comes all my usual zany-antics: "Rarr... watch me run through the casino/hotel scaring people and jumping over luggage! Don't make me dance topless to Aliyah" (ugh, I was 200lbs then, that was a scary sight!)

In the mean time, this is how we rolled last time around -- hopefully we can top it with something more spectacular and tricked out in mad chrome. And hopefully no one will have plastic bags as luggage so we can actually impress the casino hostesses as we pull in, instead of looking like a bunch of mismatched college kids *rolls eyes*

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