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A walk in the clouds...

Have you ever woke up thinking that you've died and gone to heaven? That's exactly how I felt this morning -- which I must say, is significantly better than the day, when I woke up and put shaving cream on my toothbrush! Not very pleasant by any means.

What's pictured at left (taken from my bed) is exactly what I woke up to. Fog! Lots and lots of fog! I soon came to my senses, and realized I was still alive -- yes, count my lucky stars, I live to die another day (if you liked that, then you'll love this, Sorry but Madonna pwns!)

Also, in the name of science, I tried to let the fog into my condo by opening the door on my balcony. Apparently this did not work.

I'm beat! It's the AM, and I'm not motivated to go to the gym whatsoever. I'm not hung over -- just extremely exhausted. My eyes burn! And why? Last night was a bit lacklustre -- mostly because of me: I had a *bad* headache. Went out with some co-workers for a birthday celebration -- however we all reached our selected destination very very late. Result: A line up so long that the club didn't let anyone else in for the rest of the night *sigh*

Too bad it's not like the old days, when you just made a call or two and could get your way onto any guestlist. Looks like we're normal people now... *sigh again*

We wound up crossing the street to a rather "dead" lounge -- which I still swear didn't have a DJ but rather an iPod with a dance club playlist. It was then off to a "less dead" club, so that was that. I'm such a suck. Seemed like everyone else -- including the birthday girl -- had a good time, so that was great!

So why the tiredness? Well despite my better judgement and nagging headache, I went to another "party" at 2:45am. 2:45am man! (How could I say no though? Hot blonde polish girls galore? "Hey what's up girl, I have a job...")

Yeah, with that being said, I better head down to the gym -- not much time before church. It is Good Friday afterall.

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