Oh Punk

Why grunt work isn't for me...

Sure, my new TV stand is pretty. It matches everything in my place. It's modern. It didn't cost that much ($700). It wasn't that heavy, was simple to unpack and was super easy to assemble. It even had the special bolts for my TV. It was a dream? I couldn't ask for anymore.

That is until I started to conceal the wiring in the special conduits. It wasn't happening. Nothing would go through properly. And once they did, forget about pulling them out at the other end. Damn! It was crazy. My fingers are accustomed to and great in tight places, but even they couldn't get into these holes.

I almost gave up -- but -- much shed blood (take my word, my fingers were cut up well) everything is up and running! YES!

And even though I own, I'm outsourcing this next time around!

Above: Some of the wires from the back of my TV, looks like
an engine bay or something!

Above: Looks easy? Dream on. That took forever!

Above: "Oh man, total gridlock" (in a Caribbean accent)

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At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

RCA cables and S-Video? You know you can EPP a Component cable for like $4.00 and join the 21st century?

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous e-Karl said...

come on Greg.. if he can't figure out a printer... what makes you think he will get the cable right? HAHAHA!

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Listen -- the printer worked fine! It's just that it would crash with that Powerpoint presentation! Not my fault!!!

As for component cables.. hmm.. it's too late for that. I already wired this tank. I'm not going back! NEVER!!!!


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