Oh Punk

Happy Birthday Queen Mum!

Here in Canada, today was a holiday. Why? It's the motherphuckin' Queen's birthday -- that's why!

As usual, those of us who stayed behind in the city got together for what's turned out to be an annual picnic & barbeque event.

This years venue? The lake!

What better a place to picnic on one of the coldest days of this year's spring. Worry not, despite the frigid weather we managed to play some catch, beach volleyball and of course take in the lack of girls-in-bikini scenery.

And although A.I didn't get a chance to blow anything up as per previous years, he did manage to get the BBQ going! Fire in the hole!

Above: A shot from last year. What a surprise, it's A.I pulling a Terminator 2 with some roman candles... see what I mean about him blowing stuff up? (note the people running in the background) Fuck A.I, I swear...

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