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MFS: Montreal Ferrari Syndrome

This morning I had a quick breakfast with my boss in the hotel mezzanine. Eggs, bacon and the usual. While he checked out, I ran down to the valet parking to call on my car.

I was dressed in a nice suit, carrying all my gear -- including my flashy new white Ferrari racing jacket on a hangar (it gets lots of attention, especially from random girls...)

The valet attendants saw me walking toward them and they were all like "Good morning!" and "Ohh nice Ferrari jacket!" in broken English.

So I passed them my valet voucher, and one of the guys ran away to get my car. A few seconds later they appear with a shiny silver Ferrari 360 Modena -- I kid you not!

They must've seen my jacket -- my nice suit -- and assumed "Oh, here's Mister Ferrari..."

I actually told the guys, that's not my car! I can't believe I told them that! What's wrong with me? A chance to pull a Ferris Beuller, and drive one of my dream cars. A few years ago, I would've at least taken it for a spin around the block. I've yet to have driven a Ferrari.

It would've been a thrill, but with my old age (27ish) it looks as if I've become slightly feline-- pussy like even. Fuck.

They were embarassed and took it back, and brought about my crappy rental car: PT Cruiser (even more embarassing!)

I think God thought it would be funny to rub this moment in my face, because later that day I passed this car carrier, full of Ferraris! Can you believe this shit? I wish I was making this up... *sigh*

Above: Red Ferraris -- lots of them -- has to be a sign! A sign that I'm a loser for not stealing the Ferrari when I had the opp to do so. I mean, taking it around the block would not have hurt one bit!

Above: No seriously, why is God rubbing this in my face?

Note: The next person who touches my jacket with their dirty hands is getting a punch to their face. Yes, I know it's a nice jacket. Yes, I know it feels really cool -- there is NO need to touch it. Seriously. Ugh -- I already have to dry clean it!

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At 10:49 AM, Anonymous USELESS MAN said...

That is tremendous Karma. The universe is taunting you!

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Rubes said...

I don't get what's so hot about your jacket....but damn you always find a way to get yourself in a pickle! You should have took the car for a test drive dude!

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Karma indeed! As for the jacket thing -- ohhhhh - dissss! I'd have loved to take the car for a spin, but my better judgement didn't let me.

I hate this whole responsible adult thing. If only we could rewind the clock.. (probably wouldn't have done it then either..)


or maybe..

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