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Congratulations to Christina & Dave, who tied the knot yesterday afternoon. It was another great wedding, in another fabulous venue on what turned out to be a perfect evening!

The "Apple" theme was very neat, not to mention that our friend's date, his female friend, Gina-Lee, turned out to be real! So much for our imaginary girlfriend theory.

This wedding is just part of a large summer wedding season. Not only do I have one coming up next weekend, I have another coming up the week after that. Insane. Better make more space on that memory card. Click, click, click!

Ahh pictures! That's what I love about weddings. Especially flipping through my camera the very next day. There are always tons of "What the hell is this?" pictures.

Case in point, I present to you: "Slices" (keeping in theme with their wedding and all), here a some slices of a few pictures where you can't help by say WTF?

Above: Men touch other men's chests? Ugh. Gay.

Above: Me carrying my date! (She loved it...)

Above: My friend got an advanced copy of one of speaches that were being read! He posed for a picture. Take a look at the girl in the background. Look at her FACE! She's so SOUR! She did not approve of our antics.

Above: Yeah, at 27 years old maturity is running rampant.

Above: Get a room you fun boys!

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At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

What's wrong with wearing white to a wedding?

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Guess said...

Yea Slap her twice!
It's so rude, what was she trying to do? It's suppossed to be the bride's day of glory not your date's!

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Hater!!! I'd have wore white if I could... it would be one of those "I want it that way" Backstreet Boy parties... lol..


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