Oh Punk

Bikini Car Wash!

Bikini car washes are the only car washes where I've taken my car in, and it comes out dirtier than it was before. Of course, I never complain. Not one bit.

And before all you neo-feminism types start hunting down my car so you can destroy it with your tow-trucks or fork-lifts or whatever you drive, this was actually a fundraiser held by the Hooters girls for Breast Cancer research.

Aside from raising money for a good cause, the best thing about all this was one of the girls in the picture (not the un-fit pasty one) said: "Is this your car? Ohh, RSXs are my favourite car -- I want one so bad... I love your licence plate..."

We all knew I was getting that number right? Done.

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At 3:34 PM, Anonymous JunaD said...

You got nice pictures on your blog. There are so many Bikini businesses nowadays.
Bikini Car Wash, Bikini Haircuts, Bikini Pizza Delivery. Okay I made the last one up, but it could happen.

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous e-Karl said...

mmmmm.... Bikini Pizza... LOL :)

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

I love Bikini Pizza! It's delicious! DELICIOUS!

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