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Have you confessed?

I'll admit it. A couple days ago, I mentioned that I checked out Madonna's Confession Tour concert -- and I must say it was awesome! Awesome doesn't even describe it!

At this point I'll drop the obligatory "I'm not gay, and I love hot girls" disclaimer. That being said, it's probably the best concert she's ever put on, and certainly the best concert I've ever attended. I mean just take a look at this video of her introduction -- if that's not wicked, I don't know what is.

Think about it. I'm such a seat snob; I watched this thing from the 300 level in the Bell Centre in Montreal, and still can't get over it. They must call it the 300 level, because that's what I paid for the ticket, and even at that price it was a steal.

Scalped tickets were almost impossible to come across. I had to circle the Bell Centre on foot about five times before I managed to find a guy willing to cut me some slack. Every other scalpers was either buying tickets, or selling tickets for $750 a pop+.

Yes, you heard me right: $750. Some were even more, in the $2000 range. And what was incredible was that these scalpers were getting what they were asking for. Some of them even had customers engage in bidding wars! All of the foreign visitors in town for the Formula One race were spending money like it was going out of style so it was insanity. But what else would you expect?

This event turned out to be even bigger than the F1 race itself! From the minute I strolled into Montreal, all I heard was Madonna this. Madonna that.

TV channels were running Madonna specials all day. Radio stations were playing Madonna songs for two or three days in a row. It was incredible. Billboards. Signs. Posters. I'm convinced the media coverage for her two shows were bigger than a visit from the Pope!

I'm serious! Even stores converted to Madonna themes for the weekend. Check out this La Senza lingerie storefront. Insane? Yes.

So with that said, I'm glad I went. The show itself was a blast! She performed most of the tracks on her new albums as well as few oldies: Music, Lucky Star, Like a Virgin, Erotica, La Isla Bonita and Ray of Light.

The sets were wicked. I've got a ton of videos, but they don't do the show justice. You'll have to wait for the concert DVD to roll out, but until then I've uploaded a few videos of the show from my whack seats in the sky, so enjoy:

Confessions Tour Introduction (from my view, I didn't zoom in this file)

La Isla Bonita

Sorry (My favourite song!)


Hung Up Part 1 (she stretched this into 10 minutes, I regret not taping it all)

Hung Up part 2

Hung Up Part 3 (Balloon drop!)

Hung Up part 4

Misc Video 1 (awesome) - Misc Video 2 - Misc Video 3 - Misc Video 4

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At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Rubex Cube said...

Wicked Shaun thanks for the video links...it was as if I was there hehe

At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Senor Cheesburgers said...

Your blog stinks stop spamming!

Madonna sucks. Tell her that pissing of christians isn't shocking and hasn't been for 30 years! Tell her next time she wants to shock people, rather than crucifying herself on stage, tell her to draw a 2" cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Then I'll be shocked at how totally awesome she is.

Pathetic old, dried up hobag.

live it, read it, love it.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Oh you love it.. don't hate!

Re: your blog... i have no idea what it's about.. kinda bizzaro! Freak!


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