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Jason & Aline's Wedding

Congrats to my friends Jason and Aline -- they tied the knot last night!

It's great to see a pair that's truly meant for each other, how sweet...

The reception was great -- and quite the party! Seeing people that I haven't seen in ages! Food, music, drink! All I know is that we all had fun -- and as I said last week -- I flipped through my camera this morning to find a slew of "whack" pics (see left, and notice the HAND at the bottom! GROSS!)

But this wedding brings up an important point: Yet another one of my guy friends has now been officially locked into the marriage game. Damn. Us single guys, we're dropping like flies... "This is sucks man!"

What else shocked me was that I took a good look around and noticed that most of the guys in attendance were hitched! WTF? We're all about twenty-seven years old, we all went to highschool together, and now all of a sudden everyone seems to be married or engaged or in a serious relationship. That is messed up!

I already noticed I'm that guy who brings a different date to every party (don't hate the player, hate the game), so I guess I better smarten up or else I'll be that one single guy everyone is desperately trying to hook up. I can't even count the times I heard "So do you have a girlfriend?" from people's girlfriends last night.

It's not like they have any great catch to set me up with! Why are these girls always offerring me their bookclub friends who aren't even there, and not the pretty single girl with the fake boobs, dyed blonde hair and low cut dress who's sitting all alone at her table, while everyone dances. Isn't it obvious who they should be setting me up with? Why is it that **I** have to do all the work?

But seriously I don't mind being one of the few single guys left. It's all good - why rush to please everyone else? I'm in no rush. Believe me.

Plus, many available girls my age (that I've run into) are whack being that they're cheaters, have lame jobs, live pathetic lifestyles, have baggage, have emotional issues and are general wastes of time -- and my time is precious. No one wants to get stuck with a poor investment. Why buy factory defects when you can get something new, sparkly and perfect?

(Ok, I must now send some firewood down to hell. Need to keep that seat warm)

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