Oh Punk

Last night!

Last night was EPIC. And when I say EPIC, I mean EPIC as in "Oh snap, here comes Alexander the Great." Again, I'm not telling you who's birthday I went to, and what happened. All I know is if you missed out, you certainly MISSED out.

On a brighter note, being drunk and talking to Ethiopian cabbies re: African Politics is wicked!

Here's PART of our shot bill from the bar last night:

And since we're talking about cabbies, here's a pic I took of "Cabbie from the street." I keep seeing this guy at events all over the place. "Yo Cabbie, what's up?" -- and then he gives me the head nod -- ahh Cabbie -- it's funny, I don't bother to take pics of celebs that I see and/or meet, but Cabbie, I'll make an exception.

Above: The one, the only, Cabbie - from the Street! If you don't know who Cabbie is check out some of his videos here!

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