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Madonna in Montreal!

That's right y'all. Last night, I went to see Madonna live at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. Yes, MADONNA! LIVE! In MONTREAL!

I'm still on a high from the concert, so I'll have to post more on this later.

But honestly, if you weren't there you missed out. Her only Canadian stop. Her best concert in years (maybe ever?). It was simply over the top. This thing honestly had more media coverage than a visit from the pope.

Details, pictures and videos to come later...

As for now, I have to get dressed, drop of my rental car (it's really a full sized SUV, I'm special like that), and see a ton of clients! My scheudle is rammed today, hopefully I don't miss my flight!

Above: I paid MUCH more for that ticket, and even then it was still a steal! Good luck trying to find scalpers who actually had any tickets left!

Above: It was pandemonium -- crowds, media, police, you name it!

Above: The stage and set-up was amazing! More details to come soon!

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