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Moving? Call Shaun-and-Chin-the-Movers

While thumbing through my phone's photo-album, I found these gems. Just remember if you are moving and need proven results, call us: Shaun & Chin the movers. We've been moving people in and out of their new houses since 1996. We're like all-stars on the professional movers circuit.

But don't let our moving-fame fool ya'll. If you don't have your stuff in order, we will fuck you up. Seriously. We're movers, not packers. Movers!

Above: Shaun-the-Mover going "caveman" on Lillex for inviting us to help move some relatives who weren't packed & ready. "I have to disassemble this?" *whack*

Above: "Why am I packing these clothes into boxes?" Chin-the-Mover making a club out of some fancy bed posts. Swing batta, swing batta!

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