Oh Punk

Shake, Shake, Shake it off...

Yo New York is in the house! Is Brooklyn in the house, uptown in the house, Dallas are you in the house? Boogie down are you in the house? Sacremento in the house! Atlanta, Georgia are you in the house? West Coast are you in the house? Japan are you in the house? Everybody are you in the house!

I remember when that Mariah song first dropped. It was insane. 11 years later I still love it!

And in exactly two months from today, **I**, get to see Mariah Carey live in concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto! Honestly? I can't wait. The show is going to be off-the-hook!

Imma gonna write a letter to her PR people and see if she can sit me on a chair on stage and sing me a song.

Gay? Fuck ya'll. You're just hating because you don't have tickets (and didn't come up with that stellar idea). Really, why else would you hate?

This is Mariah-fucking-Carey. You know? Mariah, we go back like babies with pacifiers.

The best part about all of this? I played around here and there, and managed to score two ROW 1 tickets. ROW 1 son... Now whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail?

Above: I'm literally flying in from Sweden that day. I swear, if I'm late I'm going to cause such a huge scene on the plane! You guys just watch.

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