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Them Indians love their Star Wars...

Not too far from my place is a high-class Indian restaurant. The food is great, but exepensive ($3.00 something for a small Coke, rammed with ice and no-free-refills? At those prices, you're better off drinking at a strip club...)

It's plush, fancy and nice -- and it's a huge hit with the gwa'ilo crowd. But without being disrespectful, I think their "historic" Indian artwork isn't as original as they'd want you to believe. I have this funny feeling they ripped it off from somewhere*, take a look:

Exhibit A: Artwork displayed in the restaurant

Exhibit B: Hmmmm....

Note: Just because I know a little about Starwars, it doesn't mean my ass loves that shit. You know? And so what if I know that Brent Spiner plays Data in StarTrek. Ya'll can't hold that against me! Please believe me!

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