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In Toronto, right near the downtown core is this independant gas station named 101 GAS.COM

It's an old station; very bare bones, running old pumps from the late 80s. There is nothing technological about this place. So why the .com name? Why would they ever have a website?

Regardless of these questions, I decided to check out their website. I punched 101gas.com into my browser and watched it chug away. A few seconds passed, and it returned some parked domain page. Nothing! Not even a site. What type of stupid ass marketing is this? Really? If your gas station is called 101gas".com" you should at least have a website. So ghetto, I swear. I wonder how many idiots like myself have tried going to the site.

On a brighter note, we wound up going to this bar for wings last night. Although it was rather far, I've been told it's one of the better places in the world (in the world son! WORLD!)

I must say I'm glad I made the drive-- their wings are unbelievable! Nero's Epilogue -- wings coated in chease, dressing, some vegetables -- CRAZY! Delicious, cheap and delicious... How can you go wrong?

And the pretty waitresses didn't hurt either! Of course I decided it would be a great night to wear swimming trunks, always my luck eh?

Above: Here's the wing spiciness legend from the bar's menu! Can you believe the names of the super hot ratings? WOW! And I love the note for the Extinction Level Event wings: "To order these wings you must sign a WAIVER" -- damn! The "Hotter" wings already had sweat running down my temples...

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At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Lil Lex said...

You suck Shaun. Those wings weren't hot.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Whatever, they weren't that mild either.


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