Oh Punk

I ain't making this up!

Yesterday I was out on the otherside of town seeing clients. I had to tie up some loose ends before I left for vacation so I bee-lined it back to the office.

The toll-highway was WIDE open, so I punched the gas and merged onto the highway going 170km/h (over a 100mph for you Americanos). In my rear-view, a Silver Cheverolet Impala speeds up and shortly after pulls along side.

Fuck! An unmarked cop? Couldn't be. The car was a 2006 model, and was covered in chrome trim -- too frilly for the Police Cruiser model budget. The driver, an older white man, with a dry cleaning out back rolls down his window, and motions me to do the same. I click a button and my window desends into the door.

"Hey! Slow down. You were going over 150km back there. You better watch it buddy!"

What the fuck? Who is this guy

I look over, "150???"

"Yeah, 150!" he screamed.

"Wanna see 200 this time?" I stomped on the accelerator. My car rocketed away and within no time I was well over 200km/h hour.

I had a good laugh, and slowed back down to a reasonable speed. Sure enough, the loser is trying to catch up and a few moments later he does.

This time, I hear SIRENS!



He looks over and motions me to pull over. Damn, I'm such an idiot some times. At this point I'm freaking out. I've been in trouble several times, but this was outright blatant. No amount of talking could get me out of whatever trouble I was about to be in.

I pull over. The man -- obviously out of shape -- gets out of the car, dressed in civies. Walks right up to the car, and goes "Do you think I'm screwing around. You are wreckless."

So I look back. "Are you even a police officer?" I asked.

He looks at me and says "No, but..."

"You're not even a cop, and you have sirens hooked up to your car? I know you're trying to molest me. Get away from me you rapist. I'm calling the cops!"

He freaked. He ran back to his car and sped away. I called the cops and let them know his rapist ass pulled me over -- I actually said that "This rapist guy..." The nerve!

I guess that's what happens when another some tries to teach the real lesson teacher a lesson. That guy got owned.

** UPDATE **

The cops called me back. They had a stern word with him, and asked me if I wanted to come down and file a report. I let it slip, but I still have his Ontario licence plate number -- AYCA 700. When I get back from vacation, I'm going to look him up, go to his house and kick his car door panels in. Fuck that guy.

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