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Me? Racially Profiled?

What's up with this? I just got racially profiled - but for some bizzaro reason it was awesome.

Picture this: I just finished eating my cheesesteak / updating my blog and decided to walk back to the Philly Airport and into the departures lounge, which of course entailed me going through airport security.

The line was insanely long. It had to be a 30 minute wait. I flashed my passport and boarding pass to the old lady at the gateway to the security line. Before I could even take a step toward the line the lady dropped a "Sir, you're going to have to walk past the black barrier and down the corridor to the room please."

WTF? **I** get the terror-suspect line? I'm not Al-Qaeda. I was properly done up and better dressed than anyone in line - "I'm rich bitch..."

I wasn't in the mood to argue, so I just went down the 'special line.'

When I reached the room at the end of the black corridor, I was greeted by two very cheerful men, who introduced me to three other pleasant security staff. I was the only passenger there. I made some stupid joke, and they all started to laugh. One gave me props for my jacket - I rolled my eyes.

Then it was business time. Not only did they x-ray my bags but they swabbed them for explosives. They made me go through a special explosives detector, and surprisingly that was that. In and out in less than a minute.

Can you believe that? Racial profiling leads to skip the wait in line treatment? THAT'S AWESOME!!!

Next time I'm wearing a Bin Laden t-shirt to ensure I get to go through THAT line!

... as an after thought, I may not have been racially profile because there were like 15 white people in line behind me shortly after. Maybe it was overflow due to volume. Who knows, all I know is RP4L...

Alright -- no more interneting / blogging. I'm bored out of my skull in an airport lounge -- but here comes a HOT -- BUSTY Swedish chick. Damn. If this is what Sweden is gonna be like, I ain't coming back!

... of to chat her up! (she's sittign right beside me now - wicked!)

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At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Look out Shaun, my friend met his wife in a Sweedish airport, and now he lives in Estonia....

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

NOooooooooooooo! Estonia!!!!!!

All my fonts will look like this: öh nöööööö!



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