Oh Punk

Ok, it's NOT healthy...

Last night, en route to my friend Ruby's birthday we were starving! We were over twenty minutes away from the restaurant AND we still had one more person to pick up.

It was certain, we would not make it. We needed fooded, and we needed it right then and there.

Chin, our driver, agreed to pull in to a Burger King restaurant drive-thru on the sole condition that I could only order Burger King's Quadruple Stacker (See below: Being held by Chris C)

Being a man of my word, I held firm to our agreement and ordered two BK Quad Stackers -- one for my friend Chris C, one for myself -- complete with four meat patties, four slices of cheese and bacon (there ain't no room for frills such as vegetables in this joint...)

Talk about disgusting!!! The two of us didn't even eat anything when we got to the restaurant. I didn't even eat breakfast this morning. I'm still full. I feel like a snake who's eaten it's one mouse for the month. My stomach still moderately hurts, and I still feel disgusting...

Just another example of our stupid guy logic. What were we thinking? We already knew it was bad for us to begin with, but we just had to try! And to top things off, we missed out on dinner!

We suck!

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