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Rib Fest 2006's Tilt-a-Hurl

Last night I hit up Mississauga's 2006 Rotary Ribfest! I could hear the travelling town fair being set up across the street in the public square for most of the night before and figured the least I could do was check it out!

And check it out we did... Loud music! Ribs! Beer! Whack home-made unsafe carny carnival rides! It's all you could have ever dreamed for...

... except don't ever mix them all together at once. You know? Don't eat a pulled pork sandwhich, down a beer and go on a ride called the "Tilt-a-Whirl" with two of your friends!

It's not good -- and worst of all it's not safe!!! I just remember the three of us jumping into this cup/pod of sorts that not only revolved on it's own axis, but moved in a small circle in it's own section of a giant wheel that also spun. Three times the dizziness before even factor that up and down part; we won't talk about that!

Talk about horrific, especially as the carny who ran the wheel didn't seem to care about our well-being and left us there for what seemed like minutes on end (that's because it was minutes on end). It was disgusting -- especially after chugging down a Heineken right before getting on board!

Not only were the other littles who tried it out dizzy as hell, but I was messed up. Fucked up even -- excuse my French. I could barely think straight, let alone walk. My stomach was about to explode! Needless to say, I bailed on my friends, walked across the street and went home and jumped in bed. I thought I was going to die.

And I had awesome plans for the rest of the night!

Damn you Ribfest 2006!

Above: Ribfest 2K6 was ram packed!

Above: Random view from the square

Above: Pulled Pork Sandwich - $6 (delicious!!)

Above: Ever ride a Gravitron before? You know those machines that spin around and around so fast that you're pinned to the wall, and then the floor opens up beneath you? Yeah well this one was broken! Sucks! I wanted to go on, and then stand upside down in the fauz zero-gravity environment!

Above: A view from the Til-o-Hirl. Looking at this still makes me sick!

Above: Hey look, it's "Whack-a-mole" but "No Hard Hitting" is enforced. That sucks. Damn PETA, you losers!

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