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Sleepless in Buffalo

Fuck! Due to weather conditions, my ass is stuck in Buffalo, New York -- for the night! If you're a reader and are the B-Lo area, please accept my condolences.

I had the options of driving back to Toronto or heading to neaby Niagara Falls -- however due to border crossing delays -- it's best that I crashed locally with hopes that I could actaully get to the airport on time.

$160 US later, Buffalo now takes number one spot on my suckiest city list in the world, and yes that includes Africa. Congratulations Ottawa, Ontario - you are now number two on the list. The people here are either old, fat, or a combination of the two. It's like I'm walking around in Goodwill city.

I can't even go out because there's nothing to do. I'm checked into a crappy Days Inn "hotel#, it's 4:00pm, and I just want to die. The plan for the night is to go back to my room now and watch Oprah (there's nothing else on), and then sedate myself and sleep 13 or so hours.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Above: Buffalo's only redeeming feature - Irv Weinstein. Yo Irv, where you at? I was in your hood today!

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At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Chin said...

what's wrong with goodwill? i wouldn't mind hooking up with one of those cute japanese ladies! konichiwa bitches!

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Whatever! B-lo is whack no matter what way you look at it. And who needs their wings when we have All Stars!


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