Oh Punk

Whatever happens in Vegas...

It's early Friday morning and I'm desperately searching for a cheap fare to Las Vegas for tonight. Let's hope I find one!

In the meanwhile, here's a video thatI recently got my hands on (Thanks Chin, it only took 3 years!). It's an AWESOME clip of me jumping over carry-on luggage -- with a paper bag over my head -- in a Las Vegas hotel room. It's gold Jerry, gold!

This was from a few years ago, so note the fatness! Damn son...

Additionally points of hilarity: The maid bringing more towels while I had the paper bag on my head, and Mariah Carey's love takes time on the playlist in the background! Not seen: My friend Al, at left complaining: "Yo don't knock this over, it took me a long time to pack it all up..."

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At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Chin said...

where's my pictures, fag?

At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

you'll get them in 2009 son. 2009!!!

Where's the rest of my videos.. ie uh.. whatever? eh? eh?


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