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World Cup what?

I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about Zidane's headbutt. Here's my take on the World Kizzle...

1. I'm glad Zidane head butted that pansy. I would have done the same -- actually, I would've also kicked him while he was down.

2. My USA soccer jersey owns. Don't lie. It's hot.

3. I shouldn't have broken up with that Italian girly I was seeing a few days before Italy won! What was I thinking, the benifits of an Italian World Cup goal would have been gold!

4. Penalty kicks are so cheap! I swear. It's like playing a baseball game for 14 innings, and then going "Alright everyone, wrap it. We're going to settle this with a homerun derby..." WTF is that? If they're running PK shoot-outs in soccer, I say they should do the same for major court cases. If they go on too long, out to the soccer field they go. Fuck courts and judges and shit. "Oh Snap!!! Detective Furman, scored the penalty kick! Prosecution wins! Prosecution wins"

5. I didn't really care who won the World Cup. I was going for USA / France and Korea... but I really didn't care who took it home. I'm just glad Portgual didn't win it. In theory, I should be on the whole Portguese bandwagon because of the whole GOA thing.. but.. fuck them! There are a couple dead-beats that I hate who happen to be Portugese. They don't have much going for them in life -- so -- I know it meant a lot to them, and seeing Portugal lose, takes away the little in life that they have. How funny. I'm mean. Yes.

On a serious note, only two months to go until the NFL fires up again! If Atlanta wins the Superbowl, I swear... I'm gonna do what soccer fans do. Stick a flag -- Atlanta Falcons flag that is -- on my car and drive around honking and screaming. Hopefully I can get a few friends to hang out of my window too! "Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!! Atlanta!!!!!!" It's going to be awesome. You'll see...

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At 10:41 PM, Anonymous e-karl said...

man.. don't be a hater just cuz Togo got knocked out early brother.

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Laugh... if i was playing against Togo, I would've said something like "Togo, has To Go!"

Crazy TOGO!


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