Oh Punk

Zanta Claus is coming to town!

Have you ever seen two grown men sitting at a red light, windows rolled down, blasting the Backstreet Boys' ballad, Incomplete?

Well that's what I witnessed last night, while stuck at a busy intersection downtown. My date eyes them from the corner of her eye, "Oh my gosh, they're really into this song, look, look, they're even singing along!"

As soon as there a brief pause in their singing, she looks over (with our windows down) and starts singing along loudly "Baby, my baby, it's written on your face.. you still wonder... if we made a big mistaaaaake"

I lean forward, push her away from the window and break out a "I praaaaaay for this heart to be unbroken, but with out you all I'm go00ing to be is.... IN-COM-PLEEEEEEETE..." complete with the over-the-top hand gestures and all.

It was hilarious. Even the two guys were like "That's awesome!" -- and broke some story about how their girlfriends left the CD in their car and they were just having some fun. Yeah, ok, whatever there!

And just when it couldn't get any weirder, we pulled into the nice rich-boy area of Yorkville in Toronto. While looking for some parking we ran into Zanta! (pictured above from my car window)

Zanta is topless street performer who runs around wering a Santa hat a doing push-ups. He's quite the character. In fact, he ran over to my car gave me "props" when I called his name. He then told me "Thank you for bringing her" (my date), smiled and skipped away. Ahhh Zanta..

On a closing note, we did have a nice dinner. Went to a few bars, including one I haven't been to in ages: Panorama, which is situated nicely atop the 51st floor of a downtown office building. As always, the view was fantastic.

Above: View of Toronto downtown core from Panorama.

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