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Chappelle in TO!

Last night, after years of trying to catch him in person, I finally saw Dave Chappelle perform live at Massey Hall in Toronto.

It was an experience like nothing else! I've seen countless comedians, but none have been as engaging as Chappelle. There's something about the way he tells a story that captivates the audience so much so that they just sit quietly and listen attentively, until "blamo!"

...he drops some unexpected monumental joke that has everyone from petite asian women to giant 450lb black guys jumping out of their seat. It's quite possibly one of the greatest things to ever experience!

The show was great, so I won't spoil it for anyone who's yet to see it! Definitely worth the big money for the ticket, you won't be disappointed -- I garauntee.

On a side note, a brown comic by the name of Sugar Sammy opened for for DC. He dropped one of these: So I've been trying to figure women out. I've even started reading womens magazines! Ever read a Cosmo? It's fucking confusing. It actually got me in trouble the other day. Why? Well Cosmo says "Women love being woken up to oral sex" -- so I said "Sure, why not?" So I go to bed, and the next morning while my girl is sleeping I try to break out this new trick. All of a sudden she starts screaming, "Get your cock outta my mouth!"

Above: I've been a huge fan of Chappelle since 1999! I'm sure almost everyone has seen Chappelle's Show on TV, but if you want a truer idea of what he's like during stand up, check out this GOLD clip of him during his Killin' Them Softly HBO Special. TRUST ME!

Above: For you doubters... don't hate...


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At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Rubex Cube said...

Lucky bastard!

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...


You still have the chance to drive to a US venue and buy scalped tickets! It's worth it...


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